Steps For Qualifying Candidates For Accounting And Finance Jobs In Chicago

In Illinois, recruiters evaluate applications after posting a new job vacancy online. The application process requires the recruiters to find candidates that meet the employer’s preferences. The findings help recruiters fulfill their obligations with the employer and potential hires. Reviewing the steps for qualifying candidates for accounting or financial positions.

Assessing the Applicant’s Resume

The recruiters start by assessing the applicant’s resume. Their evaluation determines if the candidate qualifies for the position. If the candidate doesn’t qualify for the position, then the resume is compared to other vacancies. Any applicant that matches up with existing vacancies is contacted and interviewed.

Submitting to a Criminal Background Check

Potential hires that are considered for any vacancy submits to a complete criminal background check. The applicant has the right to inform the recruiter about any felonies on their record, but they aren’t required by law to provide the information. Any felonies related to financial jobs disqualify the candidate for any position in finance or accounting.

When are Credit Checks Needed?

Credit checks are conducted for all candidates that handle money. Certain employers require a credit assessment to evaluate risks to their business. Individuals who have bad credit present a risk to the company. The candidate’s credit score affects their ability to get jobs in specific fields, such as banking. If the candidate doesn’t have access to money, then employers might consider them if they have an extensive background in the industry.

The Second Interview

The second interview is scheduled after a potential hire meets all the preliminary qualifications. After the recruiter meets with the candidate, an interview with the prospective employer is scheduled. The recruiter helps the candidate prepare by staging a mock interview. The process helps the individual answer potential interview questions more effectively.

In Illinois, recruiters review applications and find candidates that meet their criteria. The reviews show recruiters what candidates meet the needs of employers. Companies that need staffing come to employment agencies for new talent. Recruiters manage the screening process for the job vacancy and provide information to employers. Applicants who want to learn more about accounting and finance jobs Chicago are encouraged to contact a recruiter for an appointment now.

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